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Sat, Jan. 2nd, 2010, 09:51 pm
New years 2010

As some of you may know, I spent the New Year over in Edinburgh. Not a huge achievement but y'know, it was a change of pace.

I got woke up at about 9:50, Andrew was phoning me, asking if I was heading through to Auld Reeky, and to get ready asap. After the quickest shower I've ever had he pulls up outside with Sean. Rushing back to Andrews we phone a taxi, miss it, phone another, get a bus. In the City Centre we find Andrew left his ID at home(not that we'd need it), so he heads back, whilst I head to the bank(To send money to my Dads account to get a TV but another time).

Andy returns, his  ID was infact with his sister, who was working, so he had the taxi reroute to Stobhill. When he got back, we got on the train. Nothing really happened on the train. EDINBURGH! we had arrived, we got lost in Wayverley(don't know how) and then walked down the wrong end of the Royal Mile, the Hub was at the end closest to the castle, not the other end. So after backtracking I phoned Marco, asking if we was still doing bugger all(he was) and got him a ticket(We bought 5, Garry was coming as well). Then we spent the day in Edinburgh, first going to Pizza Hut for food, then wandering around, up and down Princes Street, visiting shops, the various attractions and just getting a feel for the city. We'd be the navigators when the others arrived.

It was turning 4 O'clock when we were told that Ryan was going to show up. So we ran back to the Hub in order to get his ticket, cue 40 minutes in a queue.

After this we headed to the Big wheel, Andy has some sort of irrational fear for the buggers, but we forced him on. He shat himself the whole way round, was amusing. Afterwards we gave him a pat on the back and wandered around for a bit,  7 O'clock-ish we headed back to the station, ran into some American girls in front of a stage where "Frightened Rabbit" were playing. Asked questions about the band but didn't know the answers. The girls left :[.

Marco arrived! Our party increased by one. We got train tickets home. Marco bought a BK. We didn't. Garry and Ryan arrived! Add two. They got tickets home.

After some buggery in a pub it turned 9 O'clock. The street party had begun. We headed to an off-license and bought some beer so we wouldn't have to pay stupid prices for street beer.  I opened a porta-potty in use to some girl who couldn't lock the door! The security steward laughed at me :[ we headed to Princes St and watched a band for a bit. They were boring so we decided to head to the other Stage, at the other end of the mile long Princes St(hurrah) this involved being slowly absorbed for the crowd for the better part of two hours. During which me and Garry got separated from everyone else. After about 20 minutes I worked my way to the front of the throng to find everyone minus Garry. We ignored this fact, I got to the front so would he. Besides he had a phone, if he got lost he could phone one of us.(Little did we know he kept phoning me, my phone had run out of battery a  long time ago). We did as you did in a street party, drank and moved a bit, until the bells. Where everyone counted down from ten(an amazing feat considering how drunk we were) and some guy got surf crowded under the fireworks(amazing btw). Then came Auld Lang Syng. Everyone sang, or mumbled, or just sort of droned, while holding hands, I met an Australian /and/ a Manchurian during this. Then we drank and sort of danced some more. Until Garry phoned Ryan, who's phone was on!

Me, Ryan and Sean left Marco and Andy in order to find Garry and walked the long way from Princes St to the Royal Mile. Where Garry said he was, but wasn't. He was infact, on Castle St, about 20 feet from where we were prior. So after meeting halfway(the bar from earlier) we headed off to meet Garry's cousins, who we would be spending the night with.

They were in a little pub called the Bannerman, a proper grunge bar, located in the middle of fucking nowhere(or Cowgate St). After about an hour of walking the wrong direction, we got there. And drank some more. Then the pub shut. We decided to walk it back to the flat, down the Royal Mile, onto Princes st, past some sort of park, backtracking past the park we went through. Marco slid, Garry fell,  I(the most unfit one there) managed to keep my ground whilst everyone sort of mediated between sliding and falling. After some more walking one of Garry's sober cousins gave us a lift back to the flat.

We were inside! It felt so good to be in the warm again. Little did we know, it was about -10C outside, so we really noticed the heat. We spent the night in the living room, I had half a drink and fell asleep in the comfiest chair I have ever sat in. I woke up about half 7, half an hour before we were going to leave. Nothing really happened between now and getting to Wayverley, I had a cheeseburger for breakfast, Marco and Ryan had bagels, Sean and Andy decided not to eat. Then the train home.

Was a blast, and would definitely do it again, but I'd book a hotel and wear something warmer, or plan it a bit better if I was to go again. Was a great atmosphere, everyone was happy(to an extent) and we all had a good time. Great way to user in 2010.

Wed, Apr. 13th, 2011 09:47 am (UTC)

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

Wed, Apr. 13th, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)

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